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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We've done a lot of emergency cooling. I know most work we do is an emergency in that people want to be cool RIGHT NOW..but also consider emergency cooling when vandals rip copper and aluminum from roof top units!!..

It's getting to be a real growing trend. Just did a project today on a 1800 s.f. upscale beauty salon comes in and no cooling. None for them and six other tenants in shopping center.

Here's a video I did showing some details of the job.

The message today. Watch your equipment. You may want to talk to your HVAC contractor on locks on your equipment or ways to discourage random entry on the roof. There are no easy fixes.

If you need emergency cooling or spot coolers call or email me. Joe Large.. 317.430.6674 or

Have a great week and for goodness sake, Keep Cool.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Indianapolis Portable Air Conditioner Rental - MovinCool OP 18

This unit is our biggest portable air conditioner unit on a "regular" plug-in, that is just plug into normal outlet. Remember that we have bigger air conditioning units but some times require additional electrical work be done.

It's less expensive to lease a 3 ton unit than 2 1.5 ton units but you need a 30 ammp breaker to make it work.

Things to keep in mind when you're trying to be cool. and You know how hard it is to stay cool, my daughters constantly remind me..Hope you enjoy the video and for goodness sakes..!! Stay COOL

Rent Portable Air Conditioners Indianapolis-5 Ton Spot Coolers

MovinCool Office Pro 63 Five Ton Portable Air Conditioner Rental in Indianapolis, IN.

MovinCools largest portable air conditioner. The OP 63, offers 5 tons of cooling goodness. View Atlas Sales & Rentals 5 ton air cooled portable air conditioner rentals and spot coolers available at our Indianapolis, IN location. Video highlights features and specifications of this mobile AC Unit.