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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cool Temporary Air Without the Noise

Cool Air from Portable Unit without any Noise.??

A piece of plastic makes all the difference!

Video Coming Soon....based on guiding moving air

Cool Air can be directed

Tube of Plastic for Cool Air
Doesn't look very impressive does it.? But if you need cool air in a remote room this may be the way we deliver it for you.

I'll have a video soon but know that wherever you need cool air, we can deliver it, with only the sound of moving air.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Always About 3 Things

3 Things Clients Want to Know

Portable Cooling Basics

All the other stuff is flotsam. 

Cool the 3 P's....People, Place, or Process..

Kokomo & Carnival Shoe Cooling

Big Units for Kokomo Mfr. and Shoe Carnival

12 Ton for Dehumid. and 5 Ton Keep Offices Cool

Some times you can save some money by using one bigger unit in lieu of several small ones. The down side can be temperature fluctuations in big rooms and big units need big square footage and power.