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Monday, December 23, 2013

Mini-Heaters are Heaters Too!

Small Heater 300 CFM fan and 1500 Watts

Here is short video on when our client has a small room, process or equipment that needs warmth.

Temporary Heaters for Rent or Sale or call 800.972.6600 Branches Nationwide..

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Your Workers Too Hot?

Osha Guidelines for Heat Exhaustion in Workers

First step is Cooling

See the video below go over "Osha Quick Card" some highlights of their massive rulebook on keeping workers safe and specifically heat stress.

What Can I do?

If you're too hot, then you know your people out on the shop floor are burning up. Come up with a plan to have "cool rooms" or cooling stations where your people can find some relief.

Not only is it the law, you will have more productive workers that know you care about them. Take a look and note the first step is portable/temporary cooling.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Calculate Cooling for Server Room

Server Room Toasty?

View formula in this video on how to calculate cooling

Remember 12,000 BTU's equal 1 ton

Running Warm? Then our server room mini-chiller might work

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cool Temporary Air Without the Noise

Cool Air from Portable Unit without any Noise.??

A piece of plastic makes all the difference!

Video Coming Soon....based on guiding moving air

Cool Air can be directed

Tube of Plastic for Cool Air
Doesn't look very impressive does it.? But if you need cool air in a remote room this may be the way we deliver it for you.

I'll have a video soon but know that wherever you need cool air, we can deliver it, with only the sound of moving air.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Always About 3 Things

3 Things Clients Want to Know

Portable Cooling Basics

All the other stuff is flotsam. 

Cool the 3 P's....People, Place, or Process..

Kokomo & Carnival Shoe Cooling

Big Units for Kokomo Mfr. and Shoe Carnival

12 Ton for Dehumid. and 5 Ton Keep Offices Cool

Some times you can save some money by using one bigger unit in lieu of several small ones. The down side can be temperature fluctuations in big rooms and big units need big square footage and power. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Large on Large Evaporative Cooler

Cool Down a lot of People

Modern Temporary Cooling, Not your Old Swamp Cooler

Move a lot of moist air and keep people cooler. Consider for your next event or keeping your factory/whse people comfortable.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Petite Evaporative Cooler-Not the old Swamp Coolers

Take a Look at Video

Evaporative Cooler for Small Spaces

Need to cool people in 8-900 square foot area, this may be the little one for you. For rent or for sale.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Taverns need Cooling Too

Old Tavern Cooling the Clients

Cool Where you Can

A lot of times, our "standard" set up is warm air goes above acoustical ceiling. Most of the time that's it...however sometimes people get hot and the building is not "standard"...

This videos shows how this old tavern was cooled with units out of the way and warm air diverted to wherever we could...

If you don't have a "standard" cooling problem, contact us...800.972.6600 or visit 

If you use will be COOL..!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Condensate Pump Install on MovinCool

Get Water away from MovinCool Unit

Install a Pump

Sometimes we need the condensate from unit to be moved away automatically. We won't be there to empty, but we want the unit to keep operating. Happens a lot in server rooms where our units are set up, cool the room and are forgotten. 

Typically water and server rooms don't get along, they can have a sparky relationship. So..install a pump that gets the water out of there. See this video on how it's done.

Peace of Mind--Permanent Install

Definitely a way to go if you want a unit in a key area, maybe all the time and not worry about emptying a condensate tank. Keep your Cool and call us... or visit or 800.972.6600

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cooling Hospital Rooms

Cooling Hospital Rooms

Why so Hard.?

Let me first clarify that I'm talking about hospital rooms in hospitals that are over 20 years old.
You know the ones when you visit uncle Ed or aunt Emma. Those long, long corridors with plaster walls and ceilings.

There are always cracks and the radiator is either scorching hot or ice cold.

Temporary Cooling

It's tough, you can't get out the exhaust heat from your portable air conditioners because the ceilings are plaster.

It's time to get a little more creative.

Water Cooled Units

These units cool the air by passing tap water through a coil that is in line with moving air. The water pulls out the heat, thereby creating cool air and the heat is transferred away with water down the drain. 

Like these units here. So you can use water cooled like shown below or bigger air cooled units that can handle several rooms at the same time.

Keep your patients cool, even in hospitals portable cooling units can be used to keep them cool and comfortable. And that's what your hospital stay should be...get well be comfortable.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Micro Mini Chiller for Server Room Cooling

Flexible 1 Ton Cooling Unit

Use 3 ways in your Server Room

Take a look at the video, pretty impressive to see 1 ton of cooling in a unit the size of a decent microwave.
You can also, set it in a rack, hang from ceiling or move about on the floor.

This may be a good idea instead of permanent cooling for those closets that have a couple of servers in them that get a little toasty on occasion.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Temporary Heating with Campo 400K BTU Indirect Fired Portable Heater Rental

Indianapolis Portable Heater Rentals: Video features a Campo 400K BTU Indirect Fired Heater.

Need to rent portable heating solutions in Indiana or the Midwest?
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