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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Server Rooms--Portable Cooling Economics

Your server room is getting warm, check that, in the summertime it’s downright hot. You’ve brought in a few mechanical contractors and asked them about a 5 ton backup system to be available when the present cooling won’t keep up or worse yet, goes out.

Installed tonnage in existing server room, depending on building construction and existing power/ductwork will run from $4500-$6000 an installed ton. Therefore;

Your backup system runs from $22,000-$30,000 plus you have some major moving of existing racks and systems while work is being done.

So let’s review the scope and the numbers:

1. “back up system” for 5 tons is between 22-30,000
2. Doesn’t include IT work on moving racks, systems
3. Will need 8-10 working days to make all the changes
4. Unit is dedicated to this room alone, no cooling anywhere else
5. Space in tight room for dedicated cooling, no flexibility

Portable Air Conditioners

What about portable air conditioners? Their review of scope and results;

1. Initial pricing for complete 5 Ton unit $7500-11,500
2. No moving racks, or systems
3. No downtime for remodeling, just roll into room
4. Use in other areas of building, roll into area that needs cooling
5. Might be able to expense, take with you when you move

So next time you need additional cooling for your server room, the answer might be rolling right at you. Both economics and flexibility may determine that portable air conditioners is the right solution for your problem. What’s the next Step..??

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